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You’ve Got To REALLY Want It! (Video Post)

Desire gives fervor to prayer. The soul cannot be listless when some great desire fixes and inflames it…Strong desires make strong prayers…The neglect of prayer is the fearful token of dead spiritual desires…There can be no true praying without desire. –E.M. Bounds

My first video post.  Sort of goes on and on, but if you can get past the Wemmick talking, you might hear some important things to consider! : )

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Natalie Klejwa is a Wemmick, loved by the Woodcarver, wife of 22 years to Joe, and mother to 9 Wemmicks ages 2-20. She is a business owner (Apple Valley Natural Soap), founder and administrator of the Visionary Womanhood blog, publisher and contributing author of Three Decades of Fertility, and a contributing author of The Heart of Simplicity: Foundations for Christian Homemaking and You Can Do It Too: 25 Homeschool Families Share Their Stories. You can hear her being interviewed on Kevin Swanson's Generations with Vision radio program. Follow Natalie on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google +. View all posts by Natalie →

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  1. Yvette H. says:

    I really like the video format Natalie. I watched it while feeding my baby. Thanks for your series on prayer.

  2. Suzanne W. says:

    Natalie, I loved the video, it was really fun. I don’t see you much anymore so it was good to see your face and hear your voice. I had a little bit of trouble with my server and the downloading. It was not going fast enough and the video kept stopping, but eventually it was fine and I think it will work out. I am very thankful for your series on prayer. I have been having a spiritual battle going on in my life about prayer, so this is very timely and I am praying it will be helpful for me. When we think eternally, the other things taking up our time are not going to matter, but prayer will and our children’s souls will. Thanks Natalie, I am looking forward to your next teaching.

    • Wemmick Girl Saved by Grace says:

      I’m so glad to hear that it has helped! We all get in ruts. That’s why we need one another. Love you sister…

  3. Jeannette says:

    Natalie, I love the video format. It is powerful and you are very natural and real. Encouraging.

    • Wemmick Girl Saved by Grace says:

      Thank you for the encouragement ,Jeannette. I feel kind of weird doing it…but I’ve really enjoyed video posts on other blogs…and I think they can be effective…so trying to get past my self-consciousness and feelings of dweebishness (read: pride) in order to be a benefit to others.