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Visionary Womanhood

Would you like to expand your vision beyond the walls of your home

and the confines of your time in history?

Do you long to see things from a different perspective than the world around you?

A higher one?

Here are some places you may want to explore:

  • The Best of Visionary Womanhood: Volume One: Thirty-five of the meatiest, most beloved articles from the VW archives in PDF, Kindle and paperback formats.  A great place to start if you are brand new and want to soak your spirit. (Get it free when you subscribe to Visionary Womanhood! (See below for details!)
  • Three Decades of Fertility, written by twelve women and published by Visionary Womanhood, will encourage women who are interested in raising a large family.
  • Come hear my interview with Kevin Swanson over at Generations with Vision.
  • Check out The Pendulum Series: articles that delve into the ways Wemmicks swing around on “controversial” issues.

When you subscribe to Visionary Womanhood, you will receive a coupon code to get a FREE download of The Best of Visionary Womanhood Volume One.

Being a Visionary Woman Means:

  • Recognizing each big and little detail of my life–my relationships, my dreams, my frustrations, my hurts, my ambitions, my secrets, my fears, my lusts, and my loves–from God’s perspective, and ultimately with His understanding of their value.
  • Understanding His specific reason for creating me, and therefore my ultimate purpose in life.
  • Knowing God in a way that He designed me to know Him.  With this perspective, my prayer and worship begin to mirror the beauty of holiness continuous in heaven.
  • God’s loves and griefs become my own, and therefore my own priority.
  • I get God’s value on and purpose for the thousands of minutes and hours that make up the long process of bringing me to glory.
  • Seizing with fervency the importance of every person in my sphere and makes me realize my personal need for each one.  Holy humility is inevitable when we see others from Heaven’s view.
  • Opening my understanding to perceive suffering from inside His heart.  As I grow to understand what endurance accomplishes within my spirit, I eventually treasure trials because of what they produce in me.
  • I am enabled to view Satan, sin, and temptation in the way He sees them, and gives me tremendous motivation to hate wickedness.  This results in much greater faith and greater ability to flee from or withstand temptation.
  • I can regard death with the same joyful anticipation that He has in contemplating our “Graduation Day.”  Death can become precious to us as the pathway to glory in the same way that our death is precious to Him (Psalm 116:15).

(Taken from Heaven’s View by T.W. Hunt and Melana Hunt Monroe.)

Who is the administrator of Visionary Womanhood?

Just a simple Wemmick.

You know, one of those wee wooden folks who lives in the pages of Max Lucado’s books for children? I live in Wemmickville with billions of other Wemmicks—each one lovingly designed by the Woodcarver.

When I was 7, the Woodcarver, in mercy, made Himself known to me.  He lives up the hill from Wemmickville, and since I met Him, it is my delight to spend time in His presence every day.  He shows me things I can’t see on my own.  I love the view from His Place.

My husband and I are raising 9 loud and rowdy Wemmicks ages 2-20.  We love to teach our little Wemmicks all about their Creator, the Woodcarver.  The schools in Wemmickville do not allow His Name to be spoken; indeed, they teach that He does not exist.

If you stop by for a visit, you might find me loading laundry, cooking a quiche, reading to wee Wemmicks, sewing a dress, listening to a sermon, reading a book, changing a diaper, editing a blog post, or whipping up a loaf of soap.

I’m just a simple Wemmick.  But if you’d like to take my hand, we can walk up the hill together to visit the Woodcarver.  The view from His place is grand.

Come and see…